Main research interests

My research focuses on the economics of coastal and marine ecosystems, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary bioeconomic modelling. More information is available in my vision document and my vision presentation.

Key publications

Groeneveld, R.A., Quaas, M. 2015. Promoting selective fisheries through certification? An analysis of the PNA unassociated-sets purse seine fishery. Fisheries Research Advance online publication.
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Groeneveld, R.A., Springborn, M., and Costello, C. 2014. Repeated experimentation to learn about a flow-pollutant threshold. Environmental & Resource Economics 58(4):627-647.
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Zavalloni, M., Groeneveld, R.A., and Van Zwieten, P.A.M. 2014. The role of spatial information in the preservation of the shrimp nursery function of mangroves: A spatially explicit bio-economic model for the assessment of land use trade-offs. Journal of Environmental Management 143:17-25.
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Groeneveld, R.A., 2011. Quantifying fishers' and citizens' support for Dutch flatfish management policy. ICES Journal of Marine Science 68(5), 919-928.

Punt, M.J., Weikard, H.-P., Groeneveld, R.A., Van Ierland, E.C., Stel, J.H. 2010. Planning marine protected areas: A multiple use game. Natural Resource Modeling 23(4):610-646.

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Punt, M.J., R.A. Groeneveld, E.C. van Ierland, and J.H. Stel. 2009. Spatial planning of offshore wind farms: a windfall to marine environmental protection? Ecological Economics 69(1): 93-103.

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